Machines that have a Donaldson Air Cleaner attached also require to have a restrictor for proper engine performance. This is fitted onto the base of the pre-cleaner. When the need arises to remove or replace the pre-cleaner, take care not to lose the restrictor.



一个Lawn Comber is not designed to cut through the grass into the soil if fitted with Flail blades. If the standard Flail Reel blades that come with this machine are set too low excessive load is placed on the drive belt and causes the machine to bounce and can damage the blades and shafts. The Flail Reel blades are designed to just go through the grass and dip through the surface. If you require the vertimowed to go deeper into the soil, Delta Blades should be fitted.


You can prolong the life of your Groundhog T4 Trencher chain with these easy steps.

  1. Thoroughly clean digging chain with pressure cleaner and allow to dry,
  2. Spray roller links with a dry lube (Promar),
  3. 一个fter 6 to 8 hires move the chain on drive sprocket one link (sprocket only drives every second link).

Models:Bluebird Lawn Comber

If grass clippings are not discharged fully into the Catcher Bag, the cause is normally because of worn blades. To correct this, rotate the blade carrier as described in the owner’s manual.