Please be aware that a number of our customers have received a scam email from an unsolicited source claiming to be Crommelins Machinery. An example of the current one is above but please note scammers are ever evolving and may adapt as they discover we are aware of the scam.
We take information security very seriously and will completing the following course of action:
  • Make our IT company aware to potentially locate the source;
  • Notify the relevant authority Scamwatch via their website; and,
  • Notify our customers via an EDM, our website and social media.
We ask that you also be vigilant in order to prevent fraud and to help protect our common interests. Scam emails predominantly attempt to collect your personal details, financial information or request payment for goods or services. You are encouraged to be wary of requests to:
  • Complete a customer satisfaction survey that promises a reward at completion, where you are asked for personal details or financial information.
  • Sharing/Liking a Facebook post in exchange for a gift card/voucher.
  • Calling a specific phone number and providing personal information.
  • Clicking on an email that links with a malicious website.
  • Purchase and provide the redemption code from gift card/vouchers.
  • Access your computer when you have not reported an issue.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact myself, your sales or customer service representative. Thank you for your vigilance.
Kind regards,
Daniel Schreiber-Wood