The Cromtech Outback 4.5kw Inverter Generator is making waves as the new force in the leisure market.
With its pure sine wave technology, it is the perfect companion for those who love their camping, caravanning or motorhomes. Consumers can safely and confidently power items such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions and most household appliances.
一个key feature of this product is the removable multi-function power pack that is used as the generators start up battery and can be easily detached for use independently as a power bank to charge phones, use as a torch or even jump start a small vehicle. Other accessories include an additional spark plug and a dust cover for protected storage.
“Our Cromtech Outback 2.4kw Inverter Generator has been so popular in the leisure market and following on from this success we saw a real need for a big brother to this model,” said Kevin Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Crommelins Machinery.
“The team here have taken a great deal of time and energy to source a model that has only the latest in both generator and leisure technology. Accordingly, it has an abundance of features and accessories included to ensure our product is extremely competitive in the market.”
“The advanced product technology ensures that those that love the great outdoors can still enjoy creature comforts they would at home.”
More great features of this product are the Eco Switch allowing consumers to minimise consumption and allow up to 12 hours* use on seven litres of fuel. It is also super quiet to run at 55 to 60 decibels. Furthermore, this model also comes with remote start or electric start making it easy to operate, even from up to 20m away.
The Cromtech Outback 4.5kw Inverter Generator comes with a one year warranty, find out more about this producthere.