Standard vs Inverter Generator

What is the difference between a standard and an inverter generator?

The key difference between a standard and an inverter generator is how they produce current. Both generate an alternating current (AC) current however, standard generators mechanically produce an AC whereas an inverter uses an electronic conversion process. Inverters convert AC to direct current (DC) then an electric circuit inverts the DC in to a more stable, cleaner AC current. This leads to differences in how efficient the generator is to what type of equipment it can be power.

Which is the best generator, standard or inverter?

Understanding the differences between these generators will help you choose the one that is right for you. You need to think about what you will use the generator for and ask yourself these questions.

How much power do I need for my generator?

Standard generators generally produce more power and have larger wattages. They’re great for worksites where a high power, constant demand is needed. Our Crommelins standard generators can range from3.2kwto24kwand our Cromtech inverter generator range from2.4kwto7kw.

Inverter generators are more fuel efficient using the eco mode switch. They can automatically adjust the engine power according to what load you are powering which standard generators cannot do. This means the engine is only using fuel that is required to power the application in use. All Crommelins inverter generators come with an eco mode as standard.


An inverter generator is a safer option to power electronics such as laptops, tablets and phones because it produces stable power that won’t damage sensitive devices. If you are going to be running multiple high-power tools or devices, your best bet is a standard generator.

How portable does my generator need to be?

Inverter generators are generally smaller and lighter than standard generators. Our Cromtechaxy爱游戏体育 can be picked up and easily moved. Even our larger Cromtech7000iE有轮s and handle to make it easier to transport. Whereas, standard generators have bulkier engines and fuel tanks, which allows them to produce more power and run for longer, but the trade-off is a heavier unit. Crommelins standard generators are fitted with robust Australian-made steel frames, and the trade and hire packmodelsinclude wheels, a lifting hook and handle to make transportation easier.

Do I need a quiet generator?

The noise a generator makes corresponds to the power it is producing. Standard generators are much noisier than inverters because they run at a steady speed of 3000RPM regardless of what they are powering. All product guides feature the specific noise level for each Crommelins generator on our website. You will need to consider where you are using your generator and what noise level is appropriate. For example, an inverter generator is the best option at a campsite or an event, where noise restrictions apply.

There are different advantages for each type of generator, and which one is best for you depends on what you are going to be using the generator for. Inverters are generally best if you need a quiet, compact, fuel efficient generator whereas standard generators cope better in a harsher robust, environment and best for regular, high power loads. Crommelins has a generator for you no matter what you need! All of our generators are backed by warranty and are supported by an Australia-wide, award winning after sales support service.

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