Corrosion resistant and durable Poly Pump.

The Crommelins Poly Pumps are durable and reliable pumps for applications where chemicals, waste water, salt water and mild caustic liquids have to be pumped. Therefore, this product is ideal for the agriculture and marine industries.

采用耐腐蚀聚泵,it also comes with 316 stainless steel fasteners throughout and Viton seals.

The Crommelins Poly Pump Diesel 2-inch comes with a genuine Yanmar diesel engine. Also, it has a maximum water flow of 730L per minute and has a total head of 38m. If this pump does not suit your purpose, please view the other poly pumps在这里.

Optional extras include customised mine specification which can include long range 16 litre fuel tank, emergency stop, battery isolator, drip tray, fire extinguisher, Anderson jump plugs and electric start with an AGM battery. Click在这里to find one of our local dealers to check availability today. Please note: image shown with petrol engine.