Heavy duty and durable trash pump.

垃圾pumps handle larger solids and debris for heavy-duty de-watering applications. They use deep impeller vanes with a large volute and pumps water containing suspended sticks, stones and debris without clogging or harming pump components.

All of our trash pumps come with a cast iron impeller and inner casing making them robust and long lasting. Furthermore, they all have self-priming capabilities ensuring its ready for quick utilisation.


The Crommelins Trash Pump Diesel 3" comes with a genuine and reputable Yanmar diesel engine, has a maximum water flow of 1170L per minute, has a total head of 25m and allows for maximum solids of 30mm. If this pump does not suit your purpose, we have a wide range of trash pumps you can view这里.

Optional extras include customised mine specification which can include long range 16 litre fuel tank, emergency stop, battery isolator, drip tray, fire extinguisher, Anderson jump plug and electric start with an AGM battery. Click这里to find one of our local dealers today to check availability.